Monday, 18 June 2018


Within recent times it seems Ipswich Buses Versas have escaped the norm of 1,3 and 4 workings and being found on anything from 15/a service to 7's and 8's.

I have compiled a quick view of the Versa's breaking out, which can be viewed in full on my Flickr.

145 (YK08 EPA)
Seen covering for a poorly Dart back in January

146 (YK08 EPC)
Seen On route 15a in March

147 (YK08 EPD)
A common sight in early days of the new 7 route

148 (YK08 EPE)
Seen on service 12 covering a Scania

149 (YK08 EPF)
Seen on service 6
150 (YK08 EPJ)
On a rainy day covering a Citaro on MOT

151 (YK08 EPU)
Seemingly normal 7/16 working
(Photo Credit Bryan Dickson BMD Photography)

152 (YK08 EPV)
Seen on a double dosage day of Versas on this route

Thursday, 12 April 2018

12/04/2018 - Trident Departure, DAF 100 And Solo Correction

Today I can confirm the departure of Dennis Trident 16 (LG02 FDN). It left the depot this afternoon for the final time albeit naked of fleet vinyls and advertisements, captured here by Leon Wells.

LG02 FDN - Captured By Leon Wells

Next up the sad news that DAF Lowlander 100 has suffered a fatal mechanical failure, specifically gearbox related. Although it is a shame to bring an end to a celebratory and uniquely liveried bus it must be remembered how reliable the DAF Lowlanders have been to Ipswich Buses and how well 100 has served over the past 15 and a half years. It is believed 100 will be used to support/fund 58's return to the road.

100 - PN52 XBM / 58 - PJ53 OLA

Finally after many differing statements it seems that Optare Solo 243 (YN04 LWJ) is indeed back on the road and fully functional again.

243 in more charming days when repainted in 2014 (credit Leon Wells)

That about wraps it up, apologies for a short blog but I have not had much time to collect and write an article.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

31/03/2018 - Marvellous March Rundown

Myllenium Dart 85 (PJ53 OLE) seen at Tower Ramparts
March has been and gone with freezing cold temperatures and lots of things going on related to buses in Ipswich.

MCV 156 (AY60 BVD) Seen along Cottingham Road
MCV Evolution 156 (AY60 BVD) has settled into full time town service with its wheels firmly placed onto route 13. Although on the odd day you may see it on service 12, with a couple of service 10 and 8 runs being noted.

Scania OmniCity 44 (YR61 RRZ) seen at Old Cattle Market
From the 5th to 10th of March soon to be Scania 44 entered service still in its Metroline specification. 44 has however reappeared on odd days since, most noticeably on full Carters duty on the 29th March. 

Trident 16 (LG02 FDN) seen turning into Portman Road
It has been confirmed that Dennis Trident 16 (LG02 FDN) will be the next decker to leave the fleet, it’s last day in service was Thursday 29th of March.

Scania OmniCity 36 (YR61 RUC) seen upon arriving at depot
Photo credit Leon Wells
Newest arrival Scania OmniCity 36 (YR61 RUC) was seen on March 26th entering the depot after returning from Hants And Dorset Trim.  

Seen here are the two latest arrivals to Constantine Road, Scania OmniCity's 46 + 47 (YR61 RPX) and (YR61 RVA). They arrived on March 20th and now bring the tally of OmniCity Deckers up to 17.

Solo 244 (YN53 ELW) seen departing Tower Ramparts
After much speculation of its future with Ipswich Buses, Solo 244 has re entered service on the 27th after a brief spell on 'Old Crooks Row'. It is believed a mechanical issue took it off the road for a week or so.

DAF 58 (PJ53 OLA) seen on Old Crooks Row at the depot
Photo credit Bryan Dickson
Finally it is believed DAF 58 has met its match and will not be returning into service. 58 was SORN'D on the 15th of March and is likely to be parted out to support the remaining DAF's in service.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you will be back for more in the future. Feel free to leave any suggestions below for future posts and articles!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

27/02/2018 - The Beast Of The Bussing East

As I am sure all of you are aware there is a weather warning currently in place for the 'Beast From The East'. The snow has not been to dramatic yet but with worse predictions tonight who knows what will follow.

Solo 244 and Enviro300 83 dusted in snow this morning (credit Leon Wells)
The day started cold and everything had a dusting of snow but that didn't stop regular allocations from appearing in town. However when a sudden much heavier downpour of snow occurred it caused delays within most of Ipswich and a few different allocations took place.

Ex Carters now formally Ipswich 29 P915 RYO
Returning late returning from a school run was Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian 29 (P915 RYO) Ex Carters Coach but transferred to Ipswich Buses during the purchase. This gave an opportunity to grab a pic of it sitting in the overflow lay-by at Tower Ramparts. This bus used to run on some of the Carters outings but is reserved for mainly school work now.

Citaro 153 (BF65 HVT) continuing on with its regular Whitton duties
 The regular Mercedes Citaro's of the 9/10 Whitton run did not fail to attend. Seen here on Norwich Road is 153 making light work of the gritted and snow free road.

Enviro200 89 (YX63 LGF) and unusual outing Olympus 69 (YJ60 KGY)
Also on the 9/10 work was Enviro 89 and unusually Scania chassis Optare Olympus 69. The Olympus' have not really seen much of north west Ipswich since repainted and are most commonly found on the X5
MCV Evolution 156 (AY60 BVD) 
Before I went on a walk around I saw 156 appear in station dropping off passengers from what I presume was a relief 7, 9 or 10 service before going out of service in the Cricketers lay-by. When I returned to go home it was still there so I grabbed a quick snap of her. I must admit the revised livery for IB does look much nicer and more cleaner without the white patchwork all over

Monday, 26 February 2018

26/02/2018 - Maiden Post

Welcome to the start of the Buses In Ipswich blog page. The main aim here is to give an accurate and neutral opinion on happenings within Ipswich whether it be with Ipswich Buses, First Ipswich, Galloway or even Beestons. I will happily take any requests for future posts or topics to include, or any sightings I might be interested in to report on, I hope you enjoy the page and give it a warm welcome as I hope to grow and make these posts for the near future.

Ex Lothian Dart 153 (SN53 AVK) on new route 7