Monday, 18 June 2018


Within recent times it seems Ipswich Buses Versas have escaped the norm of 1,3 and 4 workings and being found on anything from 15/a service to 7's and 8's.

I have compiled a quick view of the Versa's breaking out, which can be viewed in full on my Flickr.

145 (YK08 EPA)
Seen covering for a poorly Dart back in January

146 (YK08 EPC)
Seen On route 15a in March

147 (YK08 EPD)
A common sight in early days of the new 7 route

148 (YK08 EPE)
Seen on service 12 covering a Scania

149 (YK08 EPF)
Seen on service 6
150 (YK08 EPJ)
On a rainy day covering a Citaro on MOT

151 (YK08 EPU)
Seemingly normal 7/16 working
(Photo Credit Bryan Dickson BMD Photography)

152 (YK08 EPV)
Seen on a double dosage day of Versas on this route


  1. Yeah and I have also seen them on routes 8, 13 and 5.

    1. They have been on most routes, the point of this post is to show each individual Versa breaking free from the norm.

  2. and the Versa's on the 8, 13 and 5 have also broken free from the norm.